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HECOL476 - Textile Analysis and Care

The causes of deterioration and damage in modern and historic textiles are addressed. Macro and microscopic evidence are combined with theories of fibre degradation and textile soiling to identify the causes of material wear, discoloration and failure during normal use, care and storage. Theory related to the cleaning of textiles will include detergency, bleaching, dry-cleaning and specialized procedures for historical textiles. Prerequisites: HECOL 270. Normally offered in alternate years.

Fall Term 2019

Lecture Sections

Fall Term 2019 - LEC A1 (76438)

TR 09:30:00 - 10:50:00 (HEB B 10)
TR 09:30:00 - 10:50:00 (HEB B 12)
Instructor: batchell@ualberta.ca

Lab Sections

Fall Term 2019 - LAB D1 (76440)

R 12:30:00 - 13:50:00 (HEB B 10)
R 12:30:00 - 13:50:00 (HEB B 12)
Instructor: batchell@ualberta.ca

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