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HECOL694 - Professional Seminar 4

This professional development seminar is one in a series that provides an introduction to graduate study in the Department of Human Ecology, and to career development and professional issues in human ecology. Topics include: developing an academic career; obtaining teaching experience and developing a teaching dossier; developing a program of research; working in research teams; authorship; intellectual property issues related to research data; preparing for candidacy exams; surviving your dissertation; preparing a curriculum vita; and applying and interviewing for jobs or post-doctoral fellowships. Restricted to doctoral level students in the Department of Human Ecology. Typically taken in the fourth semester of the doctoral program.

Winter Term 2021


Winter Term 2021 - SEM B1 (42817)

R 12:00:00 - 13:50:00 (HEB 305)
Instructor: deanna@ualberta.ca

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