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LABMP590 - Technology and the Future of Medicine

A lecture and seminar course describing the future effects of technology on medicine in both the developed and developing world, the promise and perils of biotech, nanotech, and artificial intelligence, and changing character of research and practice of medicine and pathology in the coming decades, and the technological singularity. Each student will carry out a project supervised by a faculty member and give a presentation. This course is designed for graduate students in the Faculties of Medicine, Science, or Arts, and is open to undergraduates in those Faculties with consent of Department.

Winter Term 2020

Lecture Sections

Winter Term 2020 - LEC B1 (83810)

TR 14:00:00 - 14:50:00 (ECHA 1 451)
Instructor: ksolez@ualberta.ca


Winter Term 2020 - SEM J1 (83812)

TR 15:00:00 - 15:20:00 (ECHA 1 451)
Instructor: ksolez@ualberta.ca

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