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PHARM313 - Behavioural, Administrative, Social and Evidence-based Pharmacy 4

Topics covered include application of pharmacy practice management and patient safety culture to pharmacy practice across settings. Skill development in engaging with patient's specific cultural or communication needs, working in groups, shared decision making, and appraising synthesized resources and observational research. (Restricted to Pharmacy students.)

Winter Term 2021

Lecture Sections

Winter Term 2021 - LEC B1 (42871)

MWF 11:00:00 - 11:50:00 (TBD)
Instructor: shkrobot@ualberta.ca


Winter Term 2021 - SEM J1 (42872)

R 10:00:00 - 11:50:00 (TBD)
Instructor: shkrobot@ualberta.ca

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