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RLS130 - Collaborative Skills and Processes for Community Recreation and Leisure

Study of the social and political processes through which groups and individuals work to mobilize resources and establish relationships to fulfill individual and community recreation/leisure needs. Basic personal communication and conflict skills for understanding, analyzing, and working through social and political processes will be examined. Note: Credit will be granted for only one of RLS 130 or 230. Prerequisite: RLS 100.

Winter Term 2021

Lecture Sections

Winter Term 2021 - LEC B1 (94000)

M 12:00:00 - 13:50:00 (TBD)
M 12:00:00 - 13:50:00 (ED N2 103)
Instructor: sryan@ualberta.ca

Lab Sections

Winter Term 2021 - LAB H1 (94002)

R 12:30:00 - 13:50:00 (ECHA L1 140)

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