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Extension - Aboriginal Health Promotion

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EXAHP4600 Strategies for Assessing and Promoting Health in Aboriginal Communities Course Page

Description: Students will be introduced to a variety of tools for assessing and planning health promotion strategies and indentifying and strengthening local community capacity. Students will also explore the concepts of resiliency, change management, and knowledge mobilization for the promotion of health equity to various stakeholders.

EXAHP4601 Foundations for Health Promotion and Understanding the Context of the Aboriginal Community Course Page

Description: Students will gain a basic understanding of health promotion, become familiar with current statistics and literature on Aboriginal specific social determinants of health and the concept of holistic health. This knowledge will be used to explore their roles as health promoters in their communities.

EXAHP4602 Moving from Theory to Practice Course Page

Description: This course focuses on using the social determinants of health and health literature to inform policy development and model change for improved health outcomes. Students will learn basic program planning and project management and be introduced to community based research and grant writing.